The Professional Archive

The Archive was created largely thanks to the collector himself, who donated his correspondence with the artists, different documents and few of the authors’ drawings from his collection. And so in the year of 1962, the Documentary Fund was established as the core of the professional archive, in which were included the contents of the Pavle Beljanski Memorial, collection of drawings, graphics and paintings, alongside with historical data on different artists and Pavle Beljanski himself. Today the Fund consists of 3756 items, ranging from letters, diplomas, documents, artists’ notes and their tools, family archive of Pavle Beljanski together with collector’s personal belongings, books, audio records, paintings and works of applied art. In an ongoing effort to create a more complete picture about that era, and to systematically keep track of institution’s operations, the second part of professional archive was created: photo records of authors included in the collection, winners of The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection Award, and exhibitions, along with all the other activities organized in Memorial Collection. Professional archive also contains authentic audio and video recordings about the history of the Museum and movies about authors included in the collection which are, according to modern media standards, kept in digital format. Thanks to the cooperation with RTV Serbia, RTV Vojvodina, Museum of Yugoslavian Film Archive and other institutions, our film archive is constantly being expanded with documentary movies based on culture and art history of the period relevant for museum activities.