Frequently asked questions

Questions about Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection

These are the enswer on most frequently asked questions about Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection. If you have some other questions, please contact us on

What exhibition is currently on display?

You can find information on current exhibitions on the News web page.

Who was Pavle Beljanski and how did his collection came to be?

For all information on Pavle Beljanski and his collection please visit web pages The Life of Pavle Beljanski and About the Memorial Collection. You can find more comprehensive information on Pavle Beljanski, his collection, artists, and the Memorial Collection in the new Monograph on Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection, which received NK ICOM Award for the Publication of the Year, which can be purchased in the Memorial Collection, and in all major bookstores in Serbia.

How come the Memorial Collection is organizing exhibitions of artists who are not connected with Pavle Beljanski, nor they are a part of his collection?

Besides the Core Fund, which represents Pavle Beljanski’s Collection, the Memorial Collection is also in possession of the Documentation Fund, where we keep art works by artists who are not represented in the Collection, as well as archive documents. Some aspects of art and phenomena of the period in which the artists lived and worked can be more comprehensively studied through the works of other authors and their artistic tendencies. That way we can more thoroughly understand the Collection itself and its values, as well as artistic tendencies of the 20th century.

Where can I buy tickets, and do I need to call in advance?

For now, tickets can only be purchased at the Pavle beljanski Memorial Collection. Group visits should be announced in advance. For ticket prices and contacts please visit Information /Working Hours & Tickets web page.

Can tour groups with tour guides visit the Memorial Collection?

Tour groups with guides can visit the Collection, providing they call in advance, and that they visit during working hours.

Does the Collection have audio guides?

Audio guides are unfortunately still not available at the Memorial Collection. Our curators will provide you with information in Serbian and English language on the Memorial Collection, Pavle Beljanski, and all the associated topics.

I need the written material and photos. Where can I get them?

For answers on all your questions concerning publishing material, please contact our public relations office on Please keep in mind that art works and documentation kept in the Memorial Collection are protected by Copyright Law.

I am looking for Memorial Collection souvenirs. Where can I find them?

Please visit our Information – Sale of publications, souvenirs, and postcards web page; you can also find our complete choice of publications, souvenirs, postcards, and other souvenirs at the Memorial Collection at most favorable prices. Some PAvle Beljanski Memorial Collection publications, such as the new monograph, can be purchased in all major bookstores in Serbia.

I am interested in artists, artworks and Serbian art of the first half of the 20th century. Can I conduct my research in the Memorial Collection?

Researchers andexperts can apply for access to the Memorial Collection’s documentation and library. Please contact us at Used material from the Collection is subject to Copyright Law.

Can I volunteer at Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection?

If you are interested in volunteer work on some of our exhibitions or during the Night of the Museums, please contact our public relations office on