Permanent Exhibition

Most of the the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection exhibition consists of art pieces from the collector’s legacy. Out of 185 pieces altogether, only 144 are on public display; among them are 120 paintings, 15 sculptures, 4 drawings and 5 tapestries. The exhibition concept itself is specific. Although with the passage of time it went through some changes, the basic idea envisioned by Pavle Beljanski – that pieces in the exhibition should relate to each other primarily through a unique fabric of artistic rhythm and color harmony, and not by biographical, historical or some other similar muselogical criteria – did not suffer drastic changes and innovations. Its quality is obvious and relevant even today, and in sync with tendencies of exhibition policies based on uniqueness of poetic, contemplative, thematic or any other concept. Even though paintings and sculptures that are lined up in halls belong to artists from different generations, they are all tied together by the unique insight that guided Pavle Beljanski. By accepting the principles of Bogdan Popović, that the greatest values of art are «poetic experience of nature, taste, moderation, and higher level of culture... acquired technique and a gift for painting», Beljanski realized that «artistic creation must respect the laws of life», and that their greatest virtues are spontaneity, harmony and inner content. Beljanski compared the poetics of art to music, and he based the concept of the art he acquired his collection on those criteria: «Their sensibility and means of expression vary from chamber allegretto, all the way to fortissimo crescendo, dominated by brass instruments. And all that flows together into the polyphony of an era. I believe that many pieces from this period are works of lasting value and that the future generations will pass them on as a legacy». Apart from pieces from The Pavle Beljanski legacy, the exhibition in it self is completed with two more segments: The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Hall and the Artists' Memorial.