Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection Award

Pavle Beljanski bestowed Vlaho Bukovac’s painting La Grande Iza to the Memorial Collection on 27 May 1965, stipulating in a contract that the Collection must found The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection Award for the best graduation paper submitted in Art History Department of Belgrade University of Philosophy. Established in 1967, this Award represented the first acknowledgement of its kind in post-war Yugoslavia. Through his entire career as a collector, Pavle Beljanski supported young and unknown artist at the beginning of their careers, and he envisioned this award as a support for young art historians, motivating them to excel in their profession. There is no doubt that Beljanski was hoping that he will encourage their interest in the area he himself opted for when he started his collection. And indeed, this area is the subject of many distinguished papers. Collector’s visionary move proved fruitful: during the last five decades, many of the laureates went on to pursuit successful careers in the Art History Department where they graduated, as well as in many museums, archives, libraries and institutions for preservation of cultural heritage.

In effort to support Pavle Beljanski’s idea of supporting talented beginners, the Memorial Collection is organizing the exhibitions along with awarded art history papers since 2000. The award is given every October.