The Pavle Beljanski Memorial

The Pavle Beljanski Memorial was established in 1966, thanks to donations from collectors’ heirs. It resides in a separate hall on the first floor of the building, which was added later based on the blueprint made exactly for this purpose by Katarina Babin. It was intended as a reconstruction of the living quarters of Pavle Beljanski, with furniture, paintings, tapestries, books, photos, documents and personal belongings of the great collector. Even though its place is in the Core Fund of arts from the Memorial Collection, Vlaho Bukovac’s painting La Grande Iza is exhibited here. Amongst other exhibits which portray the life of Pavle Beljanski, the painting is stylishly fitted in chamber assembly of the Memorial, dominating the hall as a valuable biographic testimony. After the reconstruction of the interior and restoration of all exhibited pieces, the Memorial Hall had its grand opening for public on July 19th 2003, on Pavle Beljanski’s birthday. Since then, this occasion is marked every year by an exhibition of similar theme and importance.