The Library

This is a highly specialized library that follows the work of the Memorial Collection with its books and magazines fund. It includes books about history and theory of art, exhibition catalogues, magazines and a hemeroteque – 16,500 library units in total. It is mostly intended for art historians, but it can also be of use to other researchers who are interested in the history of art and culture from the first half of the 20 th Century. It is also available for students during their research work on study papers from essays to doctorates. One unique feature can be recognized in Personal Libraries, which include books about each individual artist from the Pavle Beljanski Collection. This type of library side fund was initiated by Pavle Beljanski himself, when he started collecting catalogues and monographs of artists whose works he had acquired, or intended to acquire. Search through the Memorial Collection library fund is possible via internal computer network, and it will be available on the internet.