Ivo Kurtović

Ivo Kurtović (Sutivan on Brač, 1910 – Belgrade, 1972) architect and painter; He graduated from high school in Split, and architecture studies in Belgrade (1950).

During World War II he was in Egypt and in the military base in El Shatt where he studied architectural design (1945–1946). After the war he was engaged in projects concerning the restoration and rebuilding of the country: he worked at the Ministry of Construction, in Jugoprojekt, and then in Srbija-projekt.

He started working as a teaching assistant to Professor Zloković at the University of Belgrade in 1958. He lectured on Building design as an assistant professor, then an associate professor, and five years after that the Head of the Department of Design. He designed projects for residental, administrative, business, transportational, educational, cultural and multifuctional purposes, interiors, furniture, as well as urbanistic plans for some cities.

His projects from the 1960s contributed to the foundation and development of the Belgrade school of modern architecture. Among his most important designs are the building of «Dunav» Insurance Company (1961), the Foreign Trade Chamber building (1961), the National Library in Belgrade (1972), The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection (1961), the Management Building of the Đerdap Hydro-electric Plant in Kladovo (1975).