Cooperation with faculties

Cooperation with the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy is based primarily on activities connected with Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection Award. Memorial collection is also an unavoidable part of lectures on 20th Century Serbian art, as well as being an example of modern Serbian museological practice. It is also very important to mention that most of its curators graduated from this very faculty.

The Memorial Collection works together with the Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Applied Arts on research projects on artists from The Pavle Beljanskis Memorial Collection who used to teach on these faculties.

Cooperation with The Novi Sad Academy’s Departments of Art and Music is realized through students’ practice, exhibitions of their works created during practice, and musical performances of both students and professors.

Students of The Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences’ Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hotel Management are often guests of Memorial Collection exhibitions, since this Faculty’s study program insists on the connection between tourism and cultural heritage. The Memorial Collection is also the subject of many of students’ essays and graduation papers, and even the Masters Degree papers. Furthermore, wishing to put the acquired knowledge into practice, this Department’s students participate in the Night of the Museums manifestation since its beginning in 2007, with primary task of communicating with numerous visitors. Every year the number of students grows, so that 40 of them participated in the 2009 Night of the Museums. The Sremska Kamenica EDUCONS Faculty’s Academy of Classical Painting has tied one segment of its educational practice to Memorial Collection’s activities. Students are getting acquainted with important periods and characters in art history through exhibited works of art, especially pieces on display in The Pavle Beljanski Memorial.

Since 2009, The Novi Sad Vocational School of Pedagogy students and graduates participate in our art workshops and other activities for children.

Every year, students of the International Summer School of Serbian Language, traditionally organized by the Novi Sad Faculty of Philosophy, visit the Memorial Collection. Through such manner of cooperation, students of Slavic studies, as well as researchers and teachers from all parts of the world, can not only learn the language, but also be introduced to Serbian art and culture by means of this representative collection.