Artists' Memorial

Artists' Memorial is based on Pavle Beljanski’s idea to conclude his legacy with portraits and self-portraits of artists featured in it, using pieces that were already in the Collection as a point of reference, like self-portraits of Milan Milovanović, Zora Petrović, Milan Konjović i Ljubica Cuca Sokić, togehter with the piece by Živojin Lukić, Portrait of Kosta Miličević, and the Portrait of Liza Križanić by Ignjat Job. Pavle Beljanski's idea soon grew into a clear concept: to set up the collected gallery of portraits in a separate exhibition area of the Memorial Collection. After a targeted acquisition of needed pieces in the late sixties, The Artists' Memorial was officially opened for public in 1971. That practice was later continued, and even today, the constant enrichment of this Collection is one of the most important tasks of the Museum. Apart from portraits and self-portraits of authors from the Collection, done in various techniques (oil, sculptures, drawings, graphics, cartoons, etc), the essential part of the Artists' Memorial exhibition is the documentation material about artists from the Collection (photos, letters, personal documents, and items artists used while they were creating their art – brushes, paints, palettes).