The Collection of Drawings and Graphics

The creation of the Collection was initiated in 1965 in the attempt to show artworks by the participating collection artists in other art techniques, aside from pieces from the Memorial Collection core fund. As the collection grew over time, eventually reaching 623 items, in the year of 2004 a catalogue of all the artworks and artists ’ biographies was published. The best artworks from the Collection of Drawings and Graphics were exhibited in the Memorial Collection for the first time in 2005, and since then it had toured several cities (Pančevo, Vršac, Zrenjanin, Gornji Milanovac, and Belgrade) and created exceptional publicity. Although it was intended first and foremost as an addition to the Beljanski collection, featuring 29 artists represented in it, The Collection of Drawings and Graphics includes artwork by total of 76 known and 19 unknown artists. As many as 400 items are gifts from artists, their families and their colleagues, or from Pavle Beljanski himself. Most of the artwork represents artist’s intimate thoughts, or sketches that play a vital role in the process of creation of an art piece, uncovering in that way the complicated paths of artistic thought and inspiration. These drawings make it easier for us to follow artists’ growth, gradual rise on the creative ladder and forming of their own style. Both Pavle Beljanski Collection and art from this Collection form an exclusive part of this extraordinarily important period in the history of Serbian art.