Art Collection

Today there are 235 artworks by 32 artists kept as a part of the Art Collection of the Documentary Fund, all created by using most diverse techniques and forms: oil paintings, aquarelle, tempera, pastel, combined techniques, sculptures, relief, etc. Formed and collected with the goal of helping study the life of an artist, the artistic tendencies and artworks which are part of the permanent exhibit, this accumulation of art had lead to Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection becoming one of the leading centers for study of modern art in Serbia. The Collection catalogue has been published in 2007, at the time of the Memorial Collection exhibition of 86 chosen pieces from this Fund, which were also exhibited in the Belgrade Heritage House in 2009. A number of diverse artistic styles from the period between the second half of 19th century, and all the way to the beginning of 21 st century form a unique Museum collage depicted in the arts of Nadežda Petrović, Kosta Milićević, Miloš Golubović, Sreten Stojanović, Nikola – Koka Janković, Petar Omčikus and many others. Landscapes, portraits, still life and interiors by some of the most famous artists of Serbian modern art and their followers, shown either academically, or in avant-garde, abstract or engaged manner uncover a parallel life of the Pavle Beljanski Collection.