Petar Lubarda’s letter to Pavle Beljanski

Patron and Friend

Paris, 15 Aug. 1931

Dear Mr. Beljanski,

I regret that I must come to you for a first time with this kind of a request.

I know that you have an unprejudiced view of me. I also know that you are one of those rare people who understand artists. I am in a desperate financial situation and I fear that at any moment I might be evicted from my apartment.

I tried everything I could to prevent that, but it was all in vain.

I went twice to Mr. Gluščević, for whom I’ve heard that he buys paintings, but he dismissed me both times without even seeing me. I was turned away probably because he never heard of me, so I would ask you, if you are on good terms with him, to recommend me in a letter.

I would also humbly ask you, if you would be able to send me a thousand francs, and I will send you four paintings, each of the same quality as the one you bought this summer.

Friendly greetings,

Petar Lubarda