Predrag Milosavljević’s letter to Pavle Beljanski

Always in the Centre of Artistic Events

Paris, 25 June 1937

Dear Mr Beljanski,

I intended to write to you much sooner, but I’ve heard of your illness so I hesitated, not wanting to bother you.

I wanted to ask you, also on the behalf of Uzelac and Milunović, if you would be so kind to write us a couple of words about Yugoslav exhibition in Rome; how well was it organized, what was the reaction of Italian public, the critics and the press. We still haven’t heard a word about it, except that Mr. Ciano was present at the opening, as well as Mr. V. Petrović and S. Stojanović as delegates.

Concerning our own pieces, we don’t even know if they arrived on time. We were invited at the last moment by phone through the Embassy. We barely had enough time to collect those few pieces and frame them. Milunović borrowed the paintings from his gallery and his acquaintances. I enclosed a painting already chosen for the Paris exhibition (The Garden), another that is the property of the Embassy, and third, unfinished and frameless.

To make sure they arrived on time, we had to send them by express mail as passengers’ luggage. Embassy’s contractor submitted an outrageous bill for 3000 francs for 16 paintings. It was made out to Ministry of Commerce.

Today our Embassy has sent one of the paintings to your Embassy, with a request to return our paintings back to Paris afterwards. We also ask you to make sure that the Embassy takes care of their transport; especially in case of Milunović’s paintings, so that the board doesn’t send them to Belgrade by mistake.

Paris exhibition, which was held in our Embassy, unfortunately wasn’t as successful as it could be if there wasn’t for squabbles and over ambitiousness of certain people.

Slovenians and Bijelić spoiled its intimate feel. There are too many pieces, and not enough taste and quality.

These days there was a magnificent exhibition of modern French art in Petit Palais, and they say it’s unlike any other exhibition before. All the greatest names were there with their greatest pieces. There is also an exhibition of Greco’s works, which is also wonderful.

Tabaković brought his ceramics, which turned out great. Unfortunately, the place on which it is displayed is very unfavorable and with bad lighting. It is a shame that our Pavilion isn’t better organized and equipped, because it is in the most beautiful place. By the way, the attendance is incredible.

Milunović has just travelled off to Belgrade. Uzelac, Tabaković, and he asked me to send you their best regards and wish you a speedy recovery.

Joining them in their wishes, I send you my sincerest regards,

Predrag Milosavljević