Pavle Beljanski’s letter to Milan Konjović

Preparations for the First Public Exhibition of the Collection in Sombor

Belgrade, 19 October 1945
Dear Mr. Konjović,

After receiving your letter, I phoned Veljko at once. He told me that he had sent the manuscript by mail. I asked him for a copy, but he said he doesn’t have one. Let’s hope you will get it on time.

I’ve sent you a telegraph saying I am removing both of the Mitrinovićs and a Petrov from my collection. I want to reduce my collection to a smaller number of painters, which I think will be an improvement. After I’ve viewed it as a collection for the first time, it seems an obvious thing to do. Therefore I will ask you also to remove Perić’s Flowers, and not to put Grdan and Perić in the catalogue if it’s possible. Please inform me of the expenses you had with photographs and prints so that I can recompense them. It is my fault. This way, we will make more room in your museum for another great new painting.

In regards to Peđa’s landscape I told you about, I still haven’t bought it, but I don’t think that deal has fallen apart. That is why we will make potential changes in the second phase, when the first edition of your catalogue is depleted.

Concerning my arrival, well, as you know, that isn’t up to me. I would be thrilled to be there on that day. I thought of a compromise that suits me: I will be present at the opening, and right after that, I will take a car to Belgrade. Anything else would be too tiring for me.

I will ask one more thing from you. If I’m not there write me a couple of words.

Sincere regards to you and your family,

P. Beljanski