Artists in the Collection

Živojin Lukić
(Belgrade, 10 February 1889 – Belgrade, 8 February 1934)

Živojin Lukić exhibited a flair for portraits and medallion-art during his early formation as an artist at The Arts and Crafts School in Belgrade (Prof. Đorđe Jovanović), and later in Moscow from 1909 to 1913 (Строгановское училище, with Prof. Andreev and Училище живописи, ваяния и зодчества). As a volunteer in World War I, he marched through
Albania; he was one of the painters attached to the High Command, and he did portraits in metal coins and several commemorative plaques (Pecka). King Petar sent him to Rome in 1918, where he articulated his aesthetic credo under the influence of current artistic trends and the works of the early Renaissance. Works of powerful volume, purified
form and reduced lines came into existence (a portrait of Pomerancev, a figurine On the Threshold of Life, medallions of Cencelli, Federico Pucci). In Cavtat, throughout 1922 he worked together with Meštrović on the construction of the Račić family chapel. That same year he went to Belgrade, joined the artistic life and became a member of “Lada” (1927). He was noticed by art critics who singled out his cameos and medals. With his portraits of Radinka
Hadžić and Mrs. Zloković he continued working in the spirit of the Roman concept of lyrical cubism. Apart from intimate plastic art, he was also involved in architectural art (on about 40 buildings) and memorial plastic art (the figure of the warrior on the monument to the liberators of Belgrade, busts and plaques on about 20 monuments). Starting from
the academic realism of Đorđe Jovanović, through a Rodinesque understanding of form, he strove towards a reduction in volume which culminated in his Roman period. Lukić’s unique sensitivity never allowed the literal acceptance of the teachings he received during any of the stages of his education. Studying outside the great centers of art, he evaded
the gravity of current trends, which enabled him to ferment the knowledge he acquired in peace and create authentic works of art, displayed at group and solo exhibitions in Moscow, Rome, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Zagreb, Novi Sad, Barcelona, London and Belfast. As an artist of great talent, refined taste and good education, Živojin Lukić expressed himself in the most complex manner in intimate plastic art, creating authentic pieces of exceptional value.