Artworks in the Collection

Ljubomir Ljuba IVANOVIĆ
Zora Petrović (1920)

Ljubomir Ivanović drew his student, Zora Petrović in her final year at the Arts and Crafts School, to which she had returned in 1919, after her studies in Budapest. In this drawing, the artist created a compound of his favorite theme from the early stages of his work – a figure in the interior – and a portrait. Unlike the usual layout, where the figure was often depicted as sitting at the table with the back turned towards the observer, or engaged in some work (reading, embroidery, playing the piano), Zora Petrović is seated facing frontally, leaning on one hand, the other placed in her lap in a moment of repose after hard work. She is wearing a dark apron, which, along with the tools on the table, tells us that she is in an art room. Also atypical is the bright window behind the sitting figure, which does not throw light on anything, only the face of the figure is lit from the back, with completely indistinguishable features. The dance of the light, though not caused by the natural light that could be coming through the window, can be seen on all surfaces as a result of restless shading in soft pencil. The density of the strokes leads the eye towards the bottom of the composition, towards the skirt, which has almost no white. Regardless of these rather significant differences, the drawing
of Zora Petrović fits into the creative direction taken by Ljubomir Ivanović and started during his studies in Munich, when he painted typical interiors in oil (with or without a figure) illuminated by an open door or window, with accentuated brushstrokes, in a brownishgreen gamut with the occasional colouristic detail; Later he continued to work in pencil, respecting the original setting of the picture. Pavle Beljanski probably chose this drawing because it represented
Zora Petrović, a painter whose works are in his collection.

Ljubomir Ljuba Ivanović