Artworks in the Collection

Tools (1943)

The painting entitled Tools (1943) is a logical continuation of the paintings with the same title from 1934 and 1940. The thematicgenre approach sets the scene of the tools apart as an unconventional, witty type of still-life with a delicate social note. The principle of the planar composition is similar to that in the painting Lemons, which is characterized by a Cézannean “slipping” of the objects from the painting and an experiment with distinguished twodimensionality. Tools are also a sign of Tabaković’s unusual, almost boyish fascination with structures, machines, mechanical things and technology: bridges, scales, mutant machines, tools, dividers. Tools are simultaneously the specific difference of Tabaković’s intimate world, which is characterized by bizarre iconographic repertoires, which move the boundaries of the still-life genre. On the other hand, such scenes are symbols of his socialized solitude, his conceptual engagement without being openly engaged in politics, which would have compromised the autochtonous artistic-aesthetic qualities of his paintings and which he despised all his life.

Ivan Tabaković