Artworks in the Collection

Ljubica Cuca SOKIĆ
Still-life (1950)

Still-life has a privileged place in Cuca Sokić’s register of themes. In her early canvases, we see classical motifs such as fruit, bowls, baskets, vases with flowers, seashells, onions, palettes. Starting from the fifties, her still-lifes came closer to the abstract expression. The Still-life from The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection belongs to transitional paintings, which were still bound together with the mimetic quality of the motifs, although they were departing from strict and accurate depiction. The lower part of the composition is dominated by a dark palette of colours – the dark surface of the old-fashioned chest – whereas the upper, illuminated part with sporadic accents of darker strokes, is full of arabesques of various vessels, dynamically playful as if they were pursuing a kind of an imaginary dialogue. This sheer visual play foreshadows significant changes in the painter’s opus. In the next phase of her work, Cuca Sokić makes an even more radical departure from her recognizable subjects. Her subjects are different boxes, bottles, glasses, simple vessels in which the artist seeks even purer plastic relationships, brought to abstraction, without allegories, without metaphors, although always carrying an association with the reality from which it all started. Yet, starting from the seventies, the artist returned to the motifs of her youth (lemons, onions, flowers, pomegranates), but after new experiences, when she abandoned mimetic art, she gave them new colour harmonies, a new syntax and new synthetic forms without any description.

Ljubica Cuca Sokić