Artworks in the Collection

Still-life with Dog (1957)

The liberated colour reigned absolutely over Zora Petrović’s painting, especially between 1950 and 1960, when the artist used colour to explore its, and her own, final limits. In addition to the directness of her work, she created radical contrasts and colouristic combinations, without prejudice and unafraid of colourfulness, insisting on the intensity, gloss and viscosity of the blazing colours. The viscous, copious “oily” paint, only slightly supported or reinforced with contour outlines, dominates the painting Still-life with Dog, which depicts her dog Cica and the vertical light-blue surface of the table with flowers in a vase and a multitude of objects seen from a high viewpoint. Zora Petrović often painted her dog Cica in figural compositions and still-lifes with the same tenderness and attention as when painting people, always treating her as equal to the other faces, or even giving her a certain advantage. In Still-life with Dog, however, hidden in an intriguing way behind the bouquet of flowers, she painted a woman’s face with only a shaded forehead and a large eye visible, in the colours of the flowers and arranged in such a way as to complement with its form the oval form of the bouquet. All the painted objects are emphasized several times with outlines or shadows, spreading out like an echo and creating a colouristic maximum in the painting. The flowers, the dog and the part of the woman’s face in the familiar and intimate space of the studio are painted so that the beauty of the colour as a pigment but also as a material would dominate, showing the moment of painting as a moment of joy and living.

Zora Petrović