Artworks in the Collection

Landscape (1905)

Catalogued as Landscape in 1957 when the Memorial Collection was founded in 1957, Nadežda’s gift to Rihard Jakopič, was purchased by Pavle Beljanski from Dr. Joža Ilc in 1956. What catches the eye is the motif of a tree with fruit, which appears in many of Nadežda’s paintings from 1905, produced at the first Yugoslav Artists’ Colony which took place in and around Sićevo, as does the wooden building, which leads us to assume the painting’s place of origin and what the circumstances were when it was given as a present. (Participants in the colony were also Ivan Grohar, Paško Vučetić, Ferdo Vesel, Ivan Meštrović and Emanuel Vidović. Works by eleven painters and one sculptor were shown at the exhibition in the National Museum in Belgrade from 29 February to 14 March 1907). On the back (over the landscape Serbia) there was a label from Rihard Jakopič which has the title Province written on it, probably dating back to the time when it was exhibited at Nadežda Petrović’s Second Solo Exhibition in Ljubljana in 1910. It was also exhibited at Nadežda’s retrospectives (1959 – Belgrade, Ljubljana; 1965, 1973 – Belgrade). According to Beljanski’s concept, the permanent display of the Memorial Collection chronologically begins with this painting. Painted with thick paste and in long strokes which follow the form and layout of the terrain, with almost no details, this painting is characterized by solidity of composition more than most others painted by Nadežda. Three horizontal levels (the red of the ground and the building, the green of the vegetation and the pale blue of the sky) are cut across by the simple vertical lines of three trees with small ovals of fresh fruit which act as a counterpoint to the entire visual arrangement. The painter’s total indifference towards perspective and her insistence on the contrast between the vivid red and the darker green fully articulate Nadežda’s attitude towards the relationships between colours, which, in this case, most definitely assume a constructive role in the painting.

Nadežda Petrović