Artworks in the Collection

Sunflowers (1961)

Thanks to the records Liza Križanić kept of her works, we know that sunflowers feature in her opus six times. She painted them in her studio, in different vases – not like Van Gogh or Konjović, who painted them in nature, in flaming fields, flowers facing the sun, clashing with the complementary blue of the sky. Her first painting with this motif, executed in her own particular way, appeared at The 28th ULUS Exhibition in 1959, and the second one from the same
year was brought to the flat of poet Radovan Zogović. Her better known paintings of this motiv, the sunflowers in the collection of the National Museum and in the possession of Zora Depolo are distinctly expressive. Still, the most striking ones are these from The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection. The collector himself included them in the collection shortly after they were painted, which testifies to the friendship between the artist and the collector. Beljanski obtained it by trading it for a version of Irises, and it appeared in the permanent display of the Memorial Collection in 1962. Deviating somewhat from the mainstream set by the protagonists of local art between the two world wars and present after 1945 in the works of some painters whose works make up the backbone of the collection and determine
its significance, with its intimist approach to the motif and the choice of theme this painting fits perfectly into the Beljanski collection as a whole. Therefore we see them primarily as the mature work of Liza Križanić, an artist who aspired to paint the beauty of “small things.”

Liza Križanić